May 11, 2013

Patchie [Shoots]

The Southern Maryland Celtic Festival remains a favorite an a staple of my spring. this year was no exception, and the weather was downright perfect. I managed to take plenty of shots and bump into plenty of people I knew. I love being a part of the faire crowd so much that I can't go to anything anymore without seeing at least a dozen people I know. It makes me so happy!

I also managed to snag a lot of pictures for Patchie [Photography]. Last year I went and shot and in hindsight uploaded some. This year I went in hoping I'd catch some winners, and even though the sun was super strong (which makes for harsh shadows), I think I did pretty well!

(Note: the photo quality is better on the photo page itself...I've had to switch back to uploading pictures via google because my flickr is pretty much out of storage space and I don't want to pay for it.)

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