April 14, 2013

Patchie [Lists]

I'm a little over a month away from my birthday and I revisited my 26 Before 27 list. Guess what? Totally not going to accomplish all of them. But you know what else? That's okay. I accomplished quite a few (and more, which I didn't list), and that's just fine enough for me! I'll definitely be doing another list for next year!

1.       Watch a sunrise. Accomplished! Ocean City, March 2013.

2.       Visit a new Renaissance Faire/Faerie Festival : Okay, technically Steampunk, but I went to Steampunk Gettysburg!

3.       Learn Intarsia  This I haven't even touched besides colorwork on alternating rows. I really need to learn this.

4.       Bake a layered cake  Nope.

5.       Really, really plan my get-out-of-the-country trip I have this narrowed down and I have a backup plan if a bigger plan falls through. So at least I made progress?

6.       Visit a new city/state. Atlanta back in September was new, and as you are reading this I am in Philly, which is also new!

7.       Go to DC for a day and only do things I’ve never done before I've done a lot of things in DC this year that I hadn't done before, but not on the same day. Half accomplished?

8.       Start taking/doing yoga again Besides the little bit I do in my basement after running, money put a serious damper on this one.

9.       Reteach myself how to sew. Done! I made a dress and a skirt!

10.   Knit for Charity. I knit a couple chemo caps. Done!

11.   Get my passport. Siiiigh. I know. I'm just procrastinating at this point.

12.   Learn to contact juggle. I started, then had to take a break. This doesn't look like it's going to get picked up before May 19. I am just too busy.

13.   Take a random day trip I can't decide what I meant by this, because all of my day trips are pretty random. But I did take a random weekend trip to Williamsburg AND Ocean City, so I'm going to say accomplished? I suppose Steampunk Gettysburg was a random day trip.

14.   Purge purge purge. I still have a long way to go, but I made a dent!

15.   Complete a 30-day photo challenge  Nope.

16.   Get better at makeup-y/hair things. Yes! But there's always room for improvement!

17.   Get back to NC! Done! Visited some old friends on the way home from Atlanta!

18.   Have a weekend getaway with The Boy I had two - Williamsburg and Winchester! And I may have a third in May!

19.   Organize a costumed photoshoot for Patchie [Photography] I organized one and then it was cancelled by the costumer. But I take so many costumed pictures I'm going to count this as a win.

20.   Lose some weight! 8lbs and counting!

21.   Read 5 books. Done! 3 Hunger Games books, and 2 knitting books. This was harder to accomplish than it should have been.

22.  Set up an Etsy shop. No, but I have strong plans in the works to sell my photography. More on that when it happens.

23. Go to a new non-faire/faerie related festival/convention. Dragon*Con, Katsucon, DC Pride, and I still have AwesomeCon.

24. Stash bust. I started, but then I filled it right back up again. Whoops.

25. Cook more often. Yes! I cook at least 2 - 3 times a week right now (and am being cooked for almost all of the other days, between my mom and the Boy.)

26. Continue to learn my camera. I'm going to say yes, but like the hair/makeup I still have a lot I could learn. I need to make this more specific next year.

Okay...I've done more than I thought! And frankly, I don't think I'll get to the others before May 19. So...16 1/2 out of 26? That's not awful. I'll have to be more specific about things for next year (and repeat a couple from this year, it looks like). It does make me feel a little accomplished though!

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