March 28, 2013

Patchie [Vacations] - Winchester, VA

At the beginning of the month The Boy and I went out to Winchester, VA for our annual weekend getaway. The past two years we went to Luray but we weren't able to get the same hotel deal that we had gotten in the past and we were on a much tighter budget this year, so Living Social came to the rescue!

The town is cute, but had a lot of construction going on so it was lacking a lot of its charm for that reason. The best thing that Winchester had over Luray was the fact that we could walk to multiple places from the hotel and had more options. However, I stick to my opinion that the food was always better in Luray. But it was nice to stroll around a new little town! We hit a couple pubs and saw a local band out first night in town.

And it's us, so we hit a couple little vineyards along the way as well - Chrysalis, Veramar, Twin Oaks, and Otium. Chrysalis had an amazing tasting and was probably all around our favorite (and is the closest - we want to go back for a day trip!). Veramar was a nice stop for a light lunch, and Twin Oaks was crazy charming and had the best view. We actually spent a few hours here talking with one of the employees about all sorts of things. Otium was where we spent the most time - it was on a horse farm and we actually wound up staying there until late in the evening and made a lot of new friends. Loudoun County will receive more visits from us. There are so many vineyards!

Also? We went to a casino in West Virginia since it was only about 25 minutes away. I am not a casino person. Like, at all. I think we lasted twenty minutes total. I just don't get the appeal. I'd rather spend my money a hundred different ways. Anyone ever been or feel inclined to tell me why they are so popular?

Even though we definitely prefer Luray (I think we like feeling "in" the mountains more - Winchester is a very large valley), this trip was still a total success!

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