March 3, 2013

Patchie [Photographs]

Dear Katsucon,

It was lovely meeting you. I wasn't originally going to introduce're an anime convention. The closest I get to anime was enjoying an episode of Cowboy Bebop about 8 years ago, having a couple Bleach characters burned into my brain from a college Halloween party, and being able to sort of name most of the original Pokemon (although to be brutally honest, it sounds a lot more like this these days). I was also going to be going out of town, which made it a little hard to attend. You know how that goes.

But then plans changed and with you being so close to home I figured...why not. I found out I could go as a photographer and still see so much without having to actually pay to get in, and I was sold. I had never gone to a con before without dressing up and only armed with my camera. I walked in and boy was I surprised. So many Whovians! So much Adventure Time! ...Power Rangers? Is that considered anime? Wow, clearly I have not kept up with that one. They went to space, or something? Wasn't everyone they fought from space to begin with? Why did that warrant a costume change? And why was no one there dressed at the Pink Ranger? I SHOULD CORNER THAT MARKET.

Back on topic. Photography. Thank you for giving me the chance to just approach people out of the blue to ask for pictures - that is not my strong suit because for some reason I still randomly become shy. I got some great shots. I also saw more people that I knew than I thought I would which was a nice surprise. I even got to catch up with a friend over lunch

Worth it? Absolutely. Although I think next year, you've convinced me to dress for it. I just can't seem to resist anymore.

So thank you for a great impromptu Saturday!


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Yseult said...

Being somewhat of an anime nerd myself (I've attended Otakon 9 of the last 12 years, so even though I don't watch much anime anymore I think I qualify as an anime nerd), I can tell you that anime convention cosplay and costumes are now as much about "Look, I made this awesome costume of something I love and I can wear it out in public without being the subject of total scorn!" as they are about actual anime and Japanese video games.

That said, Power Rangers always got a pass because they are a Japanese series that was farmed out to different countries. Did you ever wonder why you never see anyone's faces during the fight scenes? Or why the words and mouths of the villians sometimes didn't line up quite right? That's because all those scenes were filmed in Japan, then cut with the story-moving scenes of the American actors.

Every year, our Otakon group has a bet: which non-anime costume will we see the most of this weekend? It's fun. There weren't nearly as many Katniss's as I expected last year....

Patchie said...

Yseult, I love that about cons with cosplayers - they love showing off what they have made and love the attention and compliments. It makes my job as a photographer so much easier :-)