March 14, 2013

Patchie [Enjoyed]

The Boy and I went out to Winchester, VA this past weekend for our annual little getaway. The last two years we went to Luray, but the cards didn't fall into place this year. Plus we got a Living Social deal that was too good to pass up, so we thought we'd try someplace new!

I hope to share some of the better pictures I took once I manage to edit them, but until then here's some instagram pictures!

We met some pretty fantastic people almost everywhere we went, and I learned I am very much not a casino person. Also, even though there was snow on the ground it stayed around 60 degrees. That part rocked. We also both decided that while we really enjoyed this past weekend, we prefer Luray and will hopefully head back that way next year.

(Hopefully) I'll be posting more soon!

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