September 24, 2012

Patchie [Lists]

Remember that list I made for 26 things to accomplish before 27? Well, here's a quick update!

1.       Watch a sunrise. Technically, I watched one when we left stupid early to make it up to The Cape this year. I hope to see one under a different circumstance (because once we hit shorter days, I'll also see one daily on the way to work).

2.       Visit a new Renaissance Faire/Faerie Festival

3.       Learn Intarsia

4.       Bake a layered cake

5.       Really, really plan my get-out-of-the-country trip

6.       Visit a new city/state. Atlanta was technically new! I had only ever driven through it before.

7.       Go to DC for a day and only do things I’ve never done before

8.       Start taking/doing yoga again

9.       Reteach myself how to sew. Done! I made a dress!

10.   Knit for Charity.

11.   Get my passport.

12.   Learn to contact juggle. I started, then had to take a break. Hoping to pick it back up again!

13.   Take a random day trip

14.   Purge purge purge. I...started. I have a long way to go.

15.   Complete a 30-day photo challenge

16.   Get better at makeup-y/hair things. Still working on this one! Right now I feel like my hair is so long I have no idea what to do with it.

17.   Get back to NC! Done! Visited some old friends on the way home from Atlanta!

18.   Have a weekend getaway with The Boy

19.   Organize a costumed photoshoot for Patchie [Photography]

20.   Lose some weight! Sort of accomplished? I've lost a few pounds and my pants fit better, but I'm still working!

21.   Read 5 books. I've read three plays and all three books for The Hunger Games. Does that count?

22.  Set up an Etsy shop.

23. Go to a new non-faire/faerie related festival/convention. Done! Dragon*Con! Hoping to find at least one more.

24. Stash bust. Slowly working on this!

25. Cook more often. This is going well so far!

26. Continue to learn my camera. Sigh. I feel like I somehow took a step backwards. I need to work harder at this.

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