August 14, 2012

The Cape: Day 6

Our sixth day on Cape Cod we woke up to cold, damp, and rolling rainstorms. While I love my beach days this is a large part of Cape weather too, and I love them just as much. We threw on our hoodies (hoodies! In June!) and decided to spend the day in Chatham. Chatham is where most the shark sightings happen on The Cape (at the beach pictured above), but the recent shark attack was elsewhere. You know, in case anyone was interested.

The camera stayed tucked away for the most the day because of weather, but after short beach visit we ducked between shops and had a long leisurely lunch at one of our favorite stops, The Squire.





We spent a little time with my cousin while she gardened and we drank and watched her garden, and then went off to find someplace for a nice date night. I first wanted to go to an outdoor place we hadn't been to in a few years, but as soon as we got there it started raining again. On our way back to find something different we decided to try a totally new place - The Starvin' Marlin - and I tell you what, we'll hit it every year. Everything about the experience was awesome, and the food was even better! I love still discovering new things in places I've been going to all my life. It keeps life exciting.

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