July 27, 2012

The Cape: Day 3

I was going to call this a Way Back When[sday] post because I haven't done one of those in forever, and then halfway through typing the title I realized it was Friday. Where on earth is this summer going?! I mean, don't get me wrong...I am so excited to get to the end of August I can barely stand it because faire starts up and I have my trip to Atlanta, but still. Did July even happen? Wasn't it the fourth like...last week?

Our third day on the Cape was another low-key one. We tried to do a little shopping at the local flea market but because it was so early in the season it was pretty much a bust. We had dinner plans with my cousins and aunt and uncle so we knew we didn't have time to have a full beach day, so instead we went to The Beachcomber for a few drinks and appetizers, and then took a leisurely walk on Cahoon Hollow Beach - a beach where my great-grandfather used to fish almost daily back in the 60's.



We had a great relaxed dinner with my family that night - with everyone being "adults" now it's hard to get all of us together. They are working all the time and not everyone lives at home anymore. We used to spend every waking moment of each summer all huddled together in the back yard in the giant sand pit my grandfather made for us, digging holes and playing games and running through sprinklers. We hit an age where we started to divide a bit - their oldest sibling and I became teenage girls before the rest of them hit that stage in life, and the gap suddenly felt huge. To come full circle the gap is gone, but so is the time. It's a little sad. But it's also wonderful to be able to all sit around and really connect like we used to when we were kids.

After dinner we watched a storm roll through and then booked it down to the bay to see if the sunset was any good. I think it was my favorite sunset of the trip.





Back in real time, mom, dad, and my brother left for The Cape this morning while I house sit for the next two weeks. My heart aches to go with them, but I had my turn already. I will say this though - I am looking forward to a couple low-key weeks before my favorite time of year starts!

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