July 14, 2012

Patchie [Crafts]

So way back when Chrissy came to visit last October, she talked me into cosplaying Doctor Who for the Day of Wrong at faire. It was my first real venture into cosplay, and boy were we popular. Like, couldn't take 10 steps without being stopped for 15 minutes worth of pictures popular. The Boy was sitting at home that day telling me friends of his on Facebook who had never met me were uploading pictures of Chrissy and me. People are still talking about it popular. And at the end of the day, she turned to me and said "so you're coming to Dragon Con, right?" and how could I not agree?

I have been to three Con's since, dressing up at each one. I'm building a wardrobe of cosplay costumes and keep getting ideas for more. I've started a facebook page. My desire to craft and build is out of control. I'm knitting like a crazy person. I've mocked up a dress pattern I hope to get a good jump start on this weekend. I'm building a set of faerie-esque wings. Last night, I found myself looking up how to make chain maille because I had a really cool idea for a Thor cosplay pop into my head. Is there a craft I don't know how to do? Teach me!

Maybe I miss college. I mean, I know I miss college life, but maybe I miss the classes too. My major was pretty hands-on and I took a lot of hands-on classes. Maybe I miss learning. It is nice to learn at my own pace, though.

But the best part? This post basically sets up the fact that numbers 9, 16 & 23 on my 26 before 27 list are getting knocked out rather well! The sewing machine set me back a bit because I thought we had one, then we didn't, then I thought I was goign to have to buy one, but a super generous friend stepped forward and told me I can hang onto hers long term - she never uses it. I picked it up yesterday and was really excited that I remember a lot more from my one semester of costuming than I thought I did. I hope it all turns out as well as I think it will!

I think it's official. I think I'm one of those people. I think I can add "Cosplayer" to my ever-growing list of hobbies.