June 19, 2012

Patchie [Closes]

Fuddy Meers has come to an end. This is one of those shows that will always have a special place for me. Besides being the first "main stage"/full-run show I've directed in this area (and since I graduated), the experience was just so wonderful. Everyone involved had the best attitudes throughout the entire process. I looked forward to every rehearsal and performance. It was fun and creative and absolutely rewarding. We really bonded as a cast in way I've only seen a couple others casts bond and it makes me so happy. This is a show I will definitely miss for a long time. On our closing night to a packed house at their final bow, the cast presented me with a huge bouquet of flowers. I am so thankful for the people involved, the opportunity, and everyone who came out to see the show and show their support. My heart is very full.


I don't know if I ever really went over how this particular theatre works. It's tucked pretty far back on a back road, just a few miles from a national park. To give you some sort of bearing, if you drive to the end of the road at that park, immediately across the river is Mount Vernon. So close to DC, yet so far. Trust me - sitting down in the quirky little amphitheater you can't completely escape city life...we're right in a flight pattern for one of DC's two airports. Until dark it's a pretty steady flow of aircraft that the trees can only dampen so much. But hearing the planes and then looking around you at the woods while you're taking in a show is such a unique experience.


I'm a little sad I didn't get more pictures than I did. These are all from a dress rehearsal before the set was painted, and it's a sad (in my eyes) representation of everything we accomplished. But in my defense, because we are at an outdoor theatre rain is a factor. Half our tech week was rained out and then we never had a brush up rehearsal - all of those turned into performances because of the rain. So besides this one night I never had another opportunity unless I took them with a bunch of paying customers trying to watch the show, and I find that to be rude. But honestly, no amount of pictures would have done this show justice. It had to be seen.




Oh, and I had a real Jeep on stage. How cool is that?

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