May 24, 2012

Patchie [Posts] Spoutwood Part I

May 5, after a work event, I high-tailed it up to Baltimore to pick up my faire girls and we made our way up to Glen Rock, PA for Spoutwood Faerie Festival - outside of the Maryland Renaissance Festival, this one is by far my favorite. We went last year as a day trip, but I had spent the whole night before awake with sun poisoning and I was not a happy camper. This year we got a hotel room for the night before, that way we could relax and not worry about having to do the drive there and back all in one day. Good choice, we will be repeating that one next year.

The attitude is just awesome. It's a celebration of spring and being outdoors and you're on a farm that is just gorgeous. Everyone is so happy. And now with the amount of people I know in the faire circuit I bumped into a lot of familiar faces. This one will continue to stay on my "must visit yearly" list.

And this year I took more pictures than I think I have ever taken in a day, a combination of silly snapshots, artistic still lifes (lives?), candids, and portraits. Here's the first batch!












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