May 10, 2012

Patchie [Captures]


Two weekends ago I went to a Celtic Festival, this last weekend I went to the Spoutwood Faerie Festival, and this upcoming weekend I am strongly considering flying solo up to the Maryland Faerie Festival. This is all while holding down the job and directing a show that's set to open in three weeks. May is a busy month. It always is. I love it.

Not that it ever left, but I've been bitten by the faire bug after dressing up for two weekends in a row (pictures to come) and taking pictures at said events (See? I told you). Maybe I should get a photoshoot together with local friends who enjoy it as well for the lull between these spring festivals and the beginning of faire at the end of August. But it's the spontaneity of capturing a moment - like the one above - that I crave in my photography. Head shots and portraits and the like are nice too, but that thrill of hitting the shutter at the moment something wonderful happens is what I'm addicted to. Maybe that's why my photography goes into hibernation in the winter - less events, less motivation, and less spontaneity that the other three seasons and nicer weather seem to provoke in people. 

The weather is here. Hibernation is ending. I have so many moments to share, and I hope you enjoy looking at them half as much as I enjoy capturing them.

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