May 3, 2012

Patchie [Blossoms] Part II: Eastern Market!

After wandering the Botanical Gardens we decided to head to the Eastern Market/Capitol Hill area which took us right by the Capitol Building, so of course we had to take a few silly pictures before moving on.


The Boy and I have always had good luck eating over in Capitol Hill, but we managed to hit the area right as church let out, so our choices were narrowed down quickly to Anyplace Without a Crazy Line. We wound up in a little Irish Pub, because of course we did. It's us. If it were any more "us" we would have randomly stumbled upon a vineyard. what are you, new?


I really liked the atmosphere. The food was very good although we hit it at the tail end of brunch so the menu was a tad limited. The service? Not very good. The food didn't all come out at the same time (to the point where two people were practically done eating by the time the other two got their food), drinks weren't refilled, and the waitress did the thing I'll never understand, which is disappear when it's time to get the check. May hit this place again because one semi-bad experience isn't enough to make me rule someplace out forever, but would probably pick someplace else first.

After eating we made our way to Eastern Market because Alex had never been. By this time the clouds had gone and it was getting pretty warm which I think is why it was so much more crowded than I was used to. Plus, you know, church just letting out. We didn't spend a lot of time over there, but they still got to experience it.



This would be the point in the day where we went "you know what, we haven't walked enough. Let's go to the zoo!"

Stay tuned for Part III!

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