April 20, 2012

Patchie [Limps]

Wednesday I made my way up to Annapolis to meet up with these two lovely ladies who I've worked with at faire the last few years. I'd seen Alex more recently, but it had been awhile since I'd seen Alicia. Even though we live more than an hour apart, I'm glad we made this little evening happen. It was super easy to plan, too...I think they will happen more often! These girls seriously make me super happy whenever I'm around them.

Secondly, I finally caved and bought a solid shampoo bar and conditioner bar from Lush, and I know no one comes here for reviews, but I used them last night and holy crap does my hair feel amazing. It's a little expensive, but apparently they last a really long time and it's only been one use, but I think I'm hooked. Too bad the closest store is an hour away. I've also never had the "scent" of a shampoo/conditioner linger so long in my hair. It's pretty fantastic.

Thirdly, while at the mall we swung into a modern furniture store to take a moment to sit and such, and I somehow hurt my knee trying to get out of a Love Sac. Seriously. It's a thing. But now I'm on day two of being all wrapped up in an ace bandage and while it's not getting worse, it's not much better. But it's not very swollen either, so I'm going to give it until the end of the weekend to see how it goes before making any sort of doctors appointment. This is like the old days when I used to get hurt in soccer all the time. I forgot how much this sucked.

Lastly, I do still have DC pictures to share and it sounds like I may have time to prepare them over the weekend, finally. I have a bit more to accomplish this weekend than I did last weekend, but I'm hoping for some decent down time, too. Especially since the next two weekends are going to be very busy, and then we get into crunch time for my show!

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Kristen said...

I like your reviews! I hear Target carries a brand of solid shampoo but I could never find it. Thanks for the recommendation, it seems there's a Lush store 4 miles away from where I work! Yay!