April 5, 2012

Patchie [Dances]

 So...guess who realized that she never posted any pictures from that wedding she went to like, a month ago? Yup, that'd be me. Sigh. I used to be so good at this blog thing.

It was the first Jewish wedding I had ever been to and I absolutely loved seeing all the traditions and what was the same and what was different. It took place at the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore which I hope to hit again some day when I can really explore the exhibits. This made photography a little hard though - they have strict rules where you can't take pictures of any of the exhibits (artistic integrity and all that) unless someone in the wedding party is in front of it, so while I snuck in one or two I'm not going to share them here. But the space was awesome and represented the couple fantastically. And the food? Oh my gosh, best food ever. There was a TON of it and I wanted to eat so much more than I did, but if I had eaten any more I would have exploded. I honestly didn't take a whole ton of pictures - I wasn't the hired photographer, I was a guest and I wanted to enjoy the wedding as such. I took some when I felt like it and got a couple good ones, but focused my energy on dancing and socializing and really having an excellent time. Energy used well - it was a fantastic night!





Oh, and I caught the bouquet, and one of the theatre kids caught the garter. Hysterically awkward. Marizabeth took a lot more pictures than I did, and hes are here. To my knowledge this is the last wedding that's currently on the "agenda" for right now, which is strange because I went to three over the course of like, a month this time last year. But I love weddings and can't wait to see which one will come up next!

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theolivetree said...

Great photos! That food looks sooooooooo good!