March 2, 2012

Patchie [Vacations]: Luray, VA [Part II]!

We woke up Saturday to the sound of wind. We were on the corner of the top floor of the Inn and could hear the old building creaking in the wind, just like my grandparents does on The Cape. We took our time getting ready and had breakfast downtown where we sat one year earlier and watched the events of the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami unfold. It was cold and windy, we were goign to get snow flurries throughout the day and certainly wasn't hiking weather. While they are gorgeous, we didn't want to spend the money to go into The Caverns again this year (we had just done it a year ago, after all). We looked at a map and decided to head over the next set of mountains to see what was in the next valley in the Mount Jackson area. Oh look, vineyards!

We only planned to hit one, Wolf Gap Vineyard, and the wine was very good but it was chilly in their tasting room and they had quite a few people in there. We overheard that there was another one only ten minutes away we thought "why not!" and headed over.

Side note: The Boy and I have this awesome knack for finding these vineyards that you have to get to via crazy gravel back roads. You feel like you are never going to get there, we debate turning around at least three times, and then boom: grape vines!

The second we hit was Cave Ridge and while I liked both places this one I would hit again in a heartbeat. It felt so toasty and warm in the tasting room, all the wine was absolutely amazing, and when we were done we were able to enjoy a glass on their second floor, where The Boy and I sat near their fireplace and split a loaf of warm bread with dipping oil. We talked a bit with another couple and watched as the snow swirled around outside their giant windows. We spent a lot of time there. When we said one vineyard for the day, this was more of what we had in mind.

It was late in the afternoon and we wanted to get back into our valley before it got dark, but we made one pit stop at the longest covered bridge in the state of Virginia, which we just happened to notice while taking a different route back to Luray.

We ate at a local deli for dinner and enjoyed a sunset before head back down to the Inn's tavern downstairs. That night I took an amazing bubble bath and felt like jello. What a great day!

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