March 8, 2012

Patchie [Vacations]: Luray [Part III]!!


Sunday was the final day of our little getaway, and actually none of these pictures (besides the one above) were taken in Luray but rather on our trip home where we turned a 2 1/2 hour car ride into 6 hours by making a few pit stops. That would usually drive me insane because when I get in a car for a trip that's over an hour long I just want to get there. But the weather was nice and I wanted to milk this vacation as long as I could. This was also the day I was stuck in landscape mode - I think I took five vertical pictures total. Usually I have the opposite problem. Anyway.


Stop number one was just east of the mountains at Sharp Rock Vineyard and B&B, which was in the shadow of Old Rag Mountain (pictured above). It was a cute little vineyard/farm with a lot of animals and shared its property line with a stream. It reminded me a lot of the first vineyard The Boy and I ever went to.







From there we went to Prince Michel - a vineyard that literally sits on the highway just south of Culpeper. Any time we mentioned wine in Virginia this place came up in the conversation, so we thought we should check it out. Don't let the outside atmosphere fool you (I felt like I was walking into an Olive Garden), the wine is worth the stop! Plus they have an enormous gift shop. I had a hard time keeping my wallet in check in there...everything was so tempting!



As we came closer to home it dawned on us we had skipped a proper "lunch" (although we had a late breakfast). We decided to stop in a little Irish pub in Old Town Fredericksburg before making our way back across the bridge into Maryland.


It was a wonderful weekend. I love that we can have so much fun and see so many new things without having to stray too far from home. It makes for the perfect little weekend getaway. Here's to many more!

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