March 13, 2012

Patchie [Recaps]

Yesterday I was in bed most of the day having been sent home from work with a nasty head cold and unable to get more than a couple words out at a time without completely losing my voice. But it was timed well, because if I had gotten it earlier it would have ruined a pretty fantastic weekend! We spent the weekend in Baltimore at a fancy hotel for a friends wedding which was fantastic! I caught the bouquet and one the 16 year old kids who does theatre with me caught the garter which was pretty hysterical. The bouquet was made out of folded socks to look like flowers but when I caught it all but 3 of the socks went flying in opposite directions, so now I have 3 socks that don't match. Totally not going to stop me from wearing them.

On Sunday The Boy and I walked around Fells Point with Marizabeth and her Bear where we had a great lunch at an Irish pub and a great glass of wine at a wine bar. Then we got stuck in traffic for a long time and I slept the entire way home. The Boy takes good care of me :-)

Better pictures of the weekend to come!

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