March 5, 2012

Patchie [Recaps]

This was a pretty low key weekend, especially compared to what the last month has been and what the next month is going to be. That's not to say nothing was done this weekend, but I used it to sleep in and get a little bit done around the house. I'll thank myself in another week!

This weekend, I...

Visited a fun pet store with Nametwin and another friend...

Went to a Mexican restaurant with The Boy (The food was gross, but the margarita wasn't!)

Got in some snuggle time with Zorro (and The Boy too, of course!)

Ran an errand or two and The Boy bought me a present...

 ...and started a new knitting project!

I'm glad I got some quality time with Nametwin and The Boy, and I'm glad I got some private time as well because it allowed me to really get a jump start on that shawl. I also need to take some pictures of finished knitting projects soon!

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