March 15, 2012

Patchie [Enjoys]

Spring is here! We sprung forward on Sunday and it's been in the 70's ever since. Wonderfully warm and refreshing, and I've used a bank run as an excuse to get outside for a little bit every day at work. Here are a few of the things I'm looking forward to this spring...

- Festivals! Anyone who was around my blog last year knows I'm a sucker for all sorts of festivals - street fairs and Celtic festivals, music festivals, craft fairs, and of course Renaissance/Steampunk/Faerie events. They start popping up all over the place this time of year!

- Photo Outings! Last year Marizabeth and I went on a few and I'm looking forward to more!

- More sunlight! I'm so happy the days are getting longer!

- Grilling! The Boy makes amazing steak on a grill and at work since we sell grills sometimes we need to "make sure they work" and grill up some ribs. You know, just to be sure.

- My Birthday!

- Anniversaries! The Boy and I will turn two this year :-)

- My Show! I am directing my first "main stage" show in this area. It's called Fuddy Meers and we open in June. Tonight is our first read through and I am so excited!

What are you excited for this spring?


Andi said...

I'm a little jealous of your real spring weather. It sounds like you have a lot to look forward to.

Patchie said...

Thanks Andi! We're bouncing back and forth between almost 80 degree days and then 60 degree days, but those warm days make me super excited for the days to come!