February 7, 2012

Patchie [Knits]

I have been knitting a lot lately, but my Ravelry doesn't reflect it too well. I've mostly been "restocking." I like to have a few pre-knit gifts (scarves, hats, etc) lying around for those last-minute gifts that I don't have time to complete. But when I reached into my all-things-knit drawer this winter I came out empty handed except two baby blue newborn hats (speaking of which, note to self - make girl ones, too!).

So most of what I've done are patterns I've done before and silly simple patterns I can do while sitting in a dark booth and not have to look at my hands. Which, by the way, the scarf I'm working on right now is literally my first attempt to really never look at my hands while I'm knitting and I've only found one tiny little mistake so far. I'm pretty happy about this. Maybe I can knit in cars now? My ability to get car sick from just reading a text message has always prevented me. This will make the annual drive to and from The Cape this summer much more enjoyable if I can.

While trying to get my life reorganized after months of not having time for anything, every time I turn around I find more yarn that I totally forgot I bought. I have half-finished abandoned projects tucked into corners of shelves that I have no idea what row I'm on and marked up patterns that are missing the work in progress. And I have half of one very pretty (but way too small) sock that I am angry at for being misleading in the sizing on the pattern that is still sitting on my desk and being punished. I should tear that out and start over.

I should also photograph a few of the things that aren't going into that gift drawer instead of instagraming a bunch of close-ups on the stitches of incomplete projects. I also need to continue to resist the temptation to go into the yard shop this week. Must empty some stash before I replenish!

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Marizabeth said...

Your knitting is always sooo pretty. I am jealous that I have no skills.