February 3, 2012

Patchie [Catches]

So, like, seriously, forever ago the day after after Marizabeth's wedding, we found ourselves in the early afternoon on a Saturday with nothing much to do. We were sitting at brunch with friends that I hadn't gotten significant time with in probably a year, and I knew I needed to act to keep this going. I missed them. I wanted to sit and talk and enjoy the weekend to its fullest. My answer? A vineyard.

For the record, my answer is probably always a vineyard.

We had hit Running Hare when we did our Wine Crawl a couple months back when the weather was gorgeous. While it's been incredibly warm for it being winter, it wasn't quite outside weather. And I had never been inside the amazing Tuscan building they have on the property. So it was an easy choice. Plus the two I was with had never been to a vineyard before. This was a good place to start.

It was one of those days that just couldn't have been better if we had tried. Marizabeth and her Bear wanted to join us but were doing wedding things still and we said we'd wait for them. Waiting for them turned into a tasting and then four hours of sitting back with a couple bottles of wine catching up on a years worth of conversation while a local acoustic musician played in the background. It was one of those afternoons you can't plan. And the best part? I've seen the friends multiple times since. It was what kicked off the rekindling of a very strong friendship.

And because I can't stay away for long, a few people and I that are involved in Cabaret are going to Ingleside this weekend, which is one of my favorites in the area (Running Hare is another one). Speaking of which, if you want to see some Cabaret pictures, check out Marizabeth's post here!

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