January 31, 2012

Patchie [Revives]

We have had some wonderful sunsets lately, but I am still driving home when the "peak" hits 90% of the time...I can't wait until a few weeks (and months) from now where I can take advantage of the sunsets with my camera. I hope they stay as pretty as they have been!

Internet, I slept ten hours last night. This is the most rested I've felt in probably two months. I still feel like I could go home and nap, but I don't feel like I'm going to pass out at my desk at work either. Progress!

So if you follow me on instragram you know I've been doing a January photo-a-day thing. You'll also know I lost track of it in the last 4 days, but I plan on sharing all the ones I did manage to do at some point this week.

Guys, I know I still have today to live through, but I don't know how I made it out of January with as much sanity in tact as I have right now. Seriously. I will never do this to myself again. In fact, looking at the next year I've got it planned out pretty well with decent breaks worked in. I truly enjoyed last year how I was able to go to so many festivals and faires and have little day trips on the weekends. While I won't have quite as many this spring because I'm directing, they'll pick up again in the summer and I'm excited for it!

My goal for the next two weeks: take more pictures! I haven't taken my DSLR out of its bag (with the exception of one small shoot for a family) almost at all this month. Plus I finally downloaded Hipstamatic and I need to learn how to use it. I like what I have discovered so far!


theolivetree said...

10 + hours of sleep...swooooonnnn!!

love the sunset photo!

Marizabeth said...

haha, I feel you... the past few months have been exhausting for me, too, and I pulled out of all the shows you stuck to (that I was involved in, you actually had more than I did)! Sleep is wonderful, and you deserve it. I wish I could photo safari with you as the daylight hours grow longer, but in reality I will still be at work (only downfall of the night shift). Maybe some Friday we can meet up! Miss youuuu.