January 3, 2012

Patchie [Reflects]

So...2011. I've spent all week reading blogs and statuses talking about the reason why people loved and hated the year. A lot of people were happy it was over.

In all honesty, 2011 was a pretty good one for me. I took another show to the state one act festival and walked away with the major technical award. I hit the one year mark at my current job. I've kind of kick-started my own little photography business and photographed two weddings and multiple sessions for people. I've sold some knitting and have really knit throughout the entire year. I went on multiple vacations including The Cape, Tennessee, and the Luray Caverns. I did my first wine tasting and visited my first vineyard (and am now addicted!). I hit multiple festivals and faires in multiple states and actually went to more new ones than ones I had been to before. I didn't work the Renaissance Festival, but I still had an amazing experience this year and met amazing people. I worked the Hack & Sash Christmas Show for the third year and reaffirmed that no matter what happens, I have a home with them. And it was an awesome feeling and an awesome way to wrap up the year.

The thing I'm most grateful for is for everything I listed above and more, I was able to share it all with The Boy.

There were some low points this year too. I was forced to learn a lot about people, change, relationships, trust, and loss. They are lessons I'm still learning, but I'm getting there.

I hope 2012 reflects 2011. I hope I have plenty more new experiences, I hope my professional and creative endeavors continue to grow and thrive, and I hope I can sit here this time next year and say "yeah, that one was good, too."

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