January 24, 2012

Patchie [Fumbles]

Oh my Lord. Where do I even start? When was the last time you really heard from me? A reflection on 2011, which was preceded by a post about cupcakes. At the beginning of the month. I am awesome. And exhausted. And I could really use a vacation.

We've been in tech (which in our theatre usually lasts about 4 - 5 days) for roughly 11 days, and have two more to go before we open. Tech involves long hours, high levels of stress, and this has been one of the most challenging shows I've ever done for all the wrong reasons. But it's still theatre, it's still with friends, and we have made the most of it.

We open Friday and I'll be able to get back to normal a little bit. I'll be able to do laundry! And sleep! And eat a real meal for dinner instead of whatever I can conger up in the 15 minutes I'm home after work before I head out the door again!

Thank you to those who have hung in there with me. Come the end of the month I'll have more for you, I promise!

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