November 19, 2012

Patchie [Is Thankful] - Part III

Part One is here, Part Two is here.

Nov 13: My friends. When I gave up trying to be part of the "it" crowd, I found the most wonderful caring people. I'm thankful I found one of the most wonderful groups of people.

Nov 14: Knitting. It's cathartic for me, and in a sense a form of meditation. I'm thankful I have the resources and can find the time to set aside and knit almost every day.

Nov 15: The Boy. He is wonderful and patient and I am so thankful he chose me.

Nov 16: Traveling. Some people never leave their home town or home state, and I would go absolutely crazy. I'm thankful for the ability to travel, and I don't think I use it enough. I'm also thankful The Boy has Wanderlust as well.

Nov 17: Nature. I live in a very pretty place, and sometimes I forget. I'm thankful for those days that I can get to a park or near the water and be reminded how pretty this area is.

Nov 18: Theatre. Even though I've fallen off the wagon a little bit, I'm still thankful it's in my life. I'm thankful for the opportunities I've been given and continue to get.

Nov 19: Short Work Weeks! I'm possibly a little too excited I have Thursday off...even though I have to work Friday.

November 13, 2012

Patchie [Is Thankful] - Part II

Part I (and an explanation) can be found here.

Nov 6: The ability to vote. I'm thankful that I live in a country where I have the right to vote and the freedom to agree or disagree.

Nov 7: Question 6. I'm thankful that my state passed Question 6 and has legalized gay marriage. Patchie is 110% for equality!

Nov 8: Vacation Time. Today is my Friday! I'm thankful that I can take time off work to do things I love.

Nov 9: Team Hot. While I'm only seeing Alex today (and all weekend!), the girls I work with for Hack & Slash are some of the best people I know.

Nov 10: Whovians. Doctor Who fans are, in general, wonderfully fun and random people. I met some of the coolest people today because I was dressed as a Dalek at FaerieCon.

Nov 11: Cameras. Not just my camera, not just my photography, but photos and cameras in general. I love how much we can capture in this day and age, and I'm thankful for it.

Nov 12: My grandfather. I'm still sometimes hit off guard with just how much I miss him, but I'm thankful for all the years I did get to spend with him. I know I'm lucky.

November 5, 2012

Patchie [Is Thankful]...Part I

People on Facebook are doing this "daily thankful" thing, where they are posting a status every day with something different they are thankful for. I think this is a fantastic idea, but I don't like to blow up my Facebook page and frankly, I know I'll forget days (there are days I don't get near a computer, after all). I thought instead so this blog isn't entirely silent, I'd check in and write one for each day, although not necessarily ON that day. The aim is once a week, although I'm not going to promise. And who knows, maybe this will get me back into the writing spirit.

As a side note, I do plan on giving you some sort of recap from faire this past season. I just need more time to do it.

This year, I am thankful for...

Nov 1: Faire, and everything it brings. It's my happy place, my biggest hobby, and I have met truly amazing people because of it. It's also opened up so many other opportunities for me.

Nov 2: Halloween Clearance Sections. I scored a pretty sweet Iron Man beanie today for only $2.

Nov 3: Friends who throw fantastic parties. Really, sitting around a bonfire on the Potomac River with a bunch of people you care about can't be beat. Also, there was a zombie gnome cake.

Nov 4: The quiet evenings with The Boy. We are both so busy and it's not always busy doing the same things. Those quiet evenings curled up with a glass of wine and watching movies or tv are really special.

Nov 5: My job. It's stressful but it's close to home, pays well, and I like the people I work with. We're treated very well.

Are you doing anything similar? Let me know and leave me a link in the comments...I'd love to read them!

October 3, 2012

Patchie [Captures]

I can't believe we're down to only three weeks of faire left already. This season has flown by in a way no season before it has. Maybe being gone one weekend made it feel that way. I've also spent fewer days wandering by myself than I did last year and that mostly comes from knowing so many people up there at this point, and that list continues to grow and grow. It's nice and makes the days go by very quickly, but it also means I'm not as snap-happy as I was last year. But I think the quality is higher...I'm taking the time to capture moments rather than trying to capture everything.

If interested, you can see what I mean here.

I've also taken a couple days to walk around without the DSLR slung over my shoulder, and those days have felt very freeing. I'm more focused on the people I'm with and on enjoying myself rather than trying to capture all the little moments throughout the day. I think I'll do a bigger blend of both next year - maybe only take the DSLR once a week.

The good news is even though faire ends in three weeks, the following weeks are still exciting - I have a local Comic Con, a Steampunk Masquerade, and FaerieCon to attend, and then we are at Thanksgiving!

Man, where does the time go?

September 24, 2012

Patchie [Lists]

Remember that list I made for 26 things to accomplish before 27? Well, here's a quick update!

1.       Watch a sunrise. Technically, I watched one when we left stupid early to make it up to The Cape this year. I hope to see one under a different circumstance (because once we hit shorter days, I'll also see one daily on the way to work).

2.       Visit a new Renaissance Faire/Faerie Festival

3.       Learn Intarsia

4.       Bake a layered cake

5.       Really, really plan my get-out-of-the-country trip

6.       Visit a new city/state. Atlanta was technically new! I had only ever driven through it before.

7.       Go to DC for a day and only do things I’ve never done before

8.       Start taking/doing yoga again

9.       Reteach myself how to sew. Done! I made a dress!

10.   Knit for Charity.

11.   Get my passport.

12.   Learn to contact juggle. I started, then had to take a break. Hoping to pick it back up again!

13.   Take a random day trip

14.   Purge purge purge. I...started. I have a long way to go.

15.   Complete a 30-day photo challenge

16.   Get better at makeup-y/hair things. Still working on this one! Right now I feel like my hair is so long I have no idea what to do with it.

17.   Get back to NC! Done! Visited some old friends on the way home from Atlanta!

18.   Have a weekend getaway with The Boy

19.   Organize a costumed photoshoot for Patchie [Photography]

20.   Lose some weight! Sort of accomplished? I've lost a few pounds and my pants fit better, but I'm still working!

21.   Read 5 books. I've read three plays and all three books for The Hunger Games. Does that count?

22.  Set up an Etsy shop.

23. Go to a new non-faire/faerie related festival/convention. Done! Dragon*Con! Hoping to find at least one more.

24. Stash bust. Slowly working on this!

25. Cook more often. This is going well so far!

26. Continue to learn my camera. Sigh. I feel like I somehow took a step backwards. I need to work harder at this.

September 13, 2012

Patchie [Explains]

I've been quiet.

I think I've needed to be. It's not that I'm planning something big or am super busy (although I am super busy, but that's not the reason). It's not that I've lost interest or think I'm boring or am not accomplishing anything. I wasn't offended by a comment or post, I haven't found a new outlet, and I'm not trying to move on to something bigger or better.

I just...stopped writing.

It's also my favorite time of year where I get to play dress up every weekend at the Renaissance Festival. I spend all week thinking about it. I talk daily with Alex, who I met working at faire and who I've realized has snuck her way into being one of the best friends I've ever had, and we hype each other up for the weekend ahead. What to wear? What shows to catch? Who of our friends will be there? Should we try on new garb? What food do we want? Oh my god guys, the food. Seriously. If you've never been to a faire, and I mean a good faire, you are missing out. The food is incredible.

It's my happy place. If I can't move to The Cape, I will spend 9 weekends out of the year playing dress up and taking too many pictures and being told my strangers that I look pretty.


Well, this year it's 8 weekends because I was finally talking into Dragon*Con in Atlanta. It knocked a couple things off my Birthday List, which I will write about soon. And maybe Dragon*Con will get its own post. Or maybe not. I stopped writing, remember?


Which brings me back to my original point. I think I'm on a bit of a hiatus. Still check in, I may get a burst of inspiration (motivation?) and post a thing or two here and there. Keep writing - I still read yours. I just need to officially step back, and not for any reason I can put my finger on.

If you want to stay up to date, you can find my photography at Patchie [Photography], and my cosplay/costuming adventures at Patchie Cosplay.

I'll see you soon. :-)

August 29, 2012

Patchie [Packs]

Sorry, I've gone quiet again. But it's mostly because faire started last weekend, we were house sitting the week before and two weeks before that, and I've spent all my spare time editing pictures for shoot I did in August or prepping Dragon*Con in Atlanta, which I leave for tomorrow and still have a To Do list that's a mile long. I'm exhausted thinking about it.

I will write and share when I have time, but the next couple months may be a little quiet. I love this time of year, but I run out of time so quickly it makes my head spin!

August 14, 2012

The Cape: Day 6

Our sixth day on Cape Cod we woke up to cold, damp, and rolling rainstorms. While I love my beach days this is a large part of Cape weather too, and I love them just as much. We threw on our hoodies (hoodies! In June!) and decided to spend the day in Chatham. Chatham is where most the shark sightings happen on The Cape (at the beach pictured above), but the recent shark attack was elsewhere. You know, in case anyone was interested.

The camera stayed tucked away for the most the day because of weather, but after short beach visit we ducked between shops and had a long leisurely lunch at one of our favorite stops, The Squire.





We spent a little time with my cousin while she gardened and we drank and watched her garden, and then went off to find someplace for a nice date night. I first wanted to go to an outdoor place we hadn't been to in a few years, but as soon as we got there it started raining again. On our way back to find something different we decided to try a totally new place - The Starvin' Marlin - and I tell you what, we'll hit it every year. Everything about the experience was awesome, and the food was even better! I love still discovering new things in places I've been going to all my life. It keeps life exciting.

August 10, 2012

Patchie [Shoots Some More]

Speaking of shoots, I had my first maternity session this past week too. While I got through the first round of editing pretty quickly, I'm taking my time with round two (choosing a decent handful for further photoshop...fixing backgrounds, turning to black & white, etc). I wanted to get a teaser out for the mom-to-be (and keep my photography page active) and this was the first to come out of it!

August 9, 2012

Patchie [Shoots]

I shot my first ever wedding by myself yesterday (!!!) and arrived a little early so I had some time to get familiar with the space. It was located on a horse farm, and as I was walking around this guy tried to land on my face. A last-minute decision sent him (her?) to the table instead where he hung out for over an hour. The Maid of Honor kept trying to shoo him away so they could finish setting up, but he'd go into attack stance and charge her hand.

So little, so fierce. Maybe I need to charge the things that feel bigger than me more often and earn the respect to hold my ground.

August 2, 2012

Patchie [Eats]

Last Monday was Alex's birthday and I met her halfway in Georgetown where I spent the day with her, her family, her boyfriend, and one of her friends who was home from college. I hadn't been to Georgetown in a couple years and was excited to go again! We had a great day wandering around, shopping, and visiting Georgetown Cupcake (from the TLC show "DC Cupcakes!") and going to an awesome little French Cafe with the best food. It was a great way to spend a Monday!






Georgetown Cupcake is notorious for having a line that wraps around the block, so when we hit Georgetown and there was no one even inside the building I told everyone we had to go, now. By the time we were done with our cupcakes the line was already starting to make its way down the block. The cupcakes were delicious...worth waiting in a 2 hour line for? Probably not. Worth running one block, across a street and having cupcakes for a late breakfast? Absolutely.

August 1, 2012

The Cape: Day 4

Last year's epic Outer Beach Day was pretty on-par with this year's epic Outer Beach Day. Started a little differently though - woke up at the crack of dawn as usual, but I had barely slept that night due to being up with some awful heartburn and when I decided to let myself sleep in an extra 15 minutes my grandmother went all grandma-mode on me and kept yelling up the stairs that we were going to be late. So tired and still hurting from the heartburn, I groggily got up, got dressed, and went to head downstairs. What happened next is a blur, but next thing I knew I was at the bottom of the flight and The Boy and grandma both came running.

Grandma lives in an old historic sea captain's home. If you've never been in one, the stairs are steep. Like, steep. It throws everyone off the first dozen years they come and stay. And in 26 years, I can proudly say I had never even stumbled on them.

Well, until now.

I was fine. I wound up pretty bruised and shaken and I disappeared for a good 10 minutes so I could get my shit back together (10 minutes I could have slept, grandma), and then we were off.

(for the record, I love grandma. That was in jest and totally joking)



Leisurely drive out, breakfast on the grill (with a clam digger...improv!) and then I took a nap and finished a book. I also didn't burn this year! And I didn't burn because I kept covered almost all day, so I also didn't get much tan at all. But I'm blonde, do theatre, and work in an office 40 hours a week, so no tan is pretty much how I roll.






This year for lunch my cousin's boyfriend went and caught us a bunch of clams and we had steamers about as fresh as you can get them. And on par with last year, we caught a sunset and then ate dinner at a local pub.




I miss it.

July 30, 2012

Patchie [Photographs]

By far, this is one of the most popular pictures I have ever taken. I'll post more pictures from the concert soon, but this was from The Annapolis Irish Festival back a couple weeks ago. Look ma, I nailed a silhouette!

July 27, 2012

The Cape: Day 3

I was going to call this a Way Back When[sday] post because I haven't done one of those in forever, and then halfway through typing the title I realized it was Friday. Where on earth is this summer going?! I mean, don't get me wrong...I am so excited to get to the end of August I can barely stand it because faire starts up and I have my trip to Atlanta, but still. Did July even happen? Wasn't it the fourth like...last week?

Our third day on the Cape was another low-key one. We tried to do a little shopping at the local flea market but because it was so early in the season it was pretty much a bust. We had dinner plans with my cousins and aunt and uncle so we knew we didn't have time to have a full beach day, so instead we went to The Beachcomber for a few drinks and appetizers, and then took a leisurely walk on Cahoon Hollow Beach - a beach where my great-grandfather used to fish almost daily back in the 60's.



We had a great relaxed dinner with my family that night - with everyone being "adults" now it's hard to get all of us together. They are working all the time and not everyone lives at home anymore. We used to spend every waking moment of each summer all huddled together in the back yard in the giant sand pit my grandfather made for us, digging holes and playing games and running through sprinklers. We hit an age where we started to divide a bit - their oldest sibling and I became teenage girls before the rest of them hit that stage in life, and the gap suddenly felt huge. To come full circle the gap is gone, but so is the time. It's a little sad. But it's also wonderful to be able to all sit around and really connect like we used to when we were kids.

After dinner we watched a storm roll through and then booked it down to the bay to see if the sunset was any good. I think it was my favorite sunset of the trip.





Back in real time, mom, dad, and my brother left for The Cape this morning while I house sit for the next two weeks. My heart aches to go with them, but I had my turn already. I will say this though - I am looking forward to a couple low-key weeks before my favorite time of year starts!

July 14, 2012

Patchie [Crafts]

So way back when Chrissy came to visit last October, she talked me into cosplaying Doctor Who for the Day of Wrong at faire. It was my first real venture into cosplay, and boy were we popular. Like, couldn't take 10 steps without being stopped for 15 minutes worth of pictures popular. The Boy was sitting at home that day telling me friends of his on Facebook who had never met me were uploading pictures of Chrissy and me. People are still talking about it popular. And at the end of the day, she turned to me and said "so you're coming to Dragon Con, right?" and how could I not agree?

I have been to three Con's since, dressing up at each one. I'm building a wardrobe of cosplay costumes and keep getting ideas for more. I've started a facebook page. My desire to craft and build is out of control. I'm knitting like a crazy person. I've mocked up a dress pattern I hope to get a good jump start on this weekend. I'm building a set of faerie-esque wings. Last night, I found myself looking up how to make chain maille because I had a really cool idea for a Thor cosplay pop into my head. Is there a craft I don't know how to do? Teach me!

Maybe I miss college. I mean, I know I miss college life, but maybe I miss the classes too. My major was pretty hands-on and I took a lot of hands-on classes. Maybe I miss learning. It is nice to learn at my own pace, though.

But the best part? This post basically sets up the fact that numbers 9, 16 & 23 on my 26 before 27 list are getting knocked out rather well! The sewing machine set me back a bit because I thought we had one, then we didn't, then I thought I was goign to have to buy one, but a super generous friend stepped forward and told me I can hang onto hers long term - she never uses it. I picked it up yesterday and was really excited that I remember a lot more from my one semester of costuming than I thought I did. I hope it all turns out as well as I think it will!

I think it's official. I think I'm one of those people. I think I can add "Cosplayer" to my ever-growing list of hobbies.

July 13, 2012

The Cape: Day 2

Day 2 of our Cape vacation was another very low key one...breakfast with Grandma and then a decent amount of time spent down at the ocean. The best thing about going up there in June is that you don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get into the more "public" parking lots ("public" is in quotations because townies have stickers that get them in free...but it's all the same lot and spaces fill up very quickly).


I'm glad we got in as much day beach time in as we did this year even though it rained two days. Last year, because we went in August, we had to rely on my family getting us out to the Outer Beach, which they could only do on the weekends because they work. Since we were there this time before "peak season," we had a little more control over where we could go and when. The down side? I am very allergic to cottonwood trees. Guess what is in full bloom in June up there? Thank God for Claratin-D.

After dinner with Grandma, that night we went to the Drive In movie theatre to see Brave and The Avengers. Talk about a double feature! I hadn't been to a Drive In since the third Pirates movie came out, and The Boy hadn't been since he was a little kid. Considering it was rainy and not sunset-worthy, it was the perfect night to go!


We only had about 5 minutes of rain total. Considering they were calling for 60% chance of rain all night, I think we did rather well!

July 10, 2012

The Cape: Day 1

Last year our drive from Philly to The Cape was a breeze...we arrived around lunchtime, had a great lunch with Grandma, and really managed to get a lot out of that day. This so much. Luck wasn't on our side and we sat in over an hour of traffic near the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York, and again in Connecticut. We still got to The Cape around 2:30, but it was hot. And we were a little cranky because we had tried to push through without lunch, only to get there after lunch time. But Grandma was ready for us with cheese, crackers, seafood dip, and lobster salad. We went for a swim in the freshwater sand-bottom pond across the street from her house, and then enjoyed a glass of wine and reading on the front lawn when it started to cool off later in the day.



That evening we went to the bay for sunset, but the bugs were biting and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, making it a bit lackluster. We swung by the ocean for a bit before we ran out of light and then called it an early night.


Not an exciting start, but a good relaxing start. I think it set the pace for the rest of the vacation too...mostly relaxing days, and then heading out and finding things to do in the evening. We both really needed the R&R this time around, and I think we succeeded!

Day 2 coming soon!

July 9, 2012

Patchie [Melts]

It was so hot this weekend the dog melted.

(First Cape post will go up tomorrow!)