December 6, 2011

Patchie [Photographs]

I still don't classify it as a "business," but my photography has picked up in the last month. While I mostly get paid in favors, dinner, goods, or sometimes money (I don't ask for much), it's allowing me to expand and develop my portfolio and my dedicated photography page on Facebook. Of course this is also my busiest time of year in multiple areas of life, so my turnaround isn't as fast as it usually is (I can usually get at least a preview image out withing 24 hours...right now I'm looking at about 4 days). But the good news is a few of these images have generated some shoots for the new year already which I am very excited about!
I have trouble though, and I've been consulting with my Dad about things (he's the one who got me into photography at a young age. He used to dabble in professional photography himself, mainly taking the dance pictures for the studio my mom danced at). I look for the artistic shots. I don't always go for the obvious, and sometimes actually have trouble seeing it. Maybe I'm over thinking. But Dad keeps telling me "think like a consumer, not an artist." It's a new challenge for me.
I still get the more "artistic" shots in there though, and they are always my favorites of a shoot. Charlotte Geary is my absolute favorite photographer, and if I ever take a picture half as good as her work I'll consider myself successful. Even if it is staged Charlotte captures moments that feel candid or spontaneous, which makes the emotion depicted feel so genuine. The typical "consumer" wants to see a picture, and I want to feel it. And sometimes I get lucky and manage to mix the two.