December 27, 2011

Patchie [Knits]

This year I only gave two hand knits for Christmas - I've had a big knitting year, but most of it has been commission work for other people with one or two things for myself thrown in. In fact, I think this is the least I've ever knit for myself especially considering the amount of projects I've accomplished this year. Since The Boy got me a set of Addi Clicks for Christmas, I think I'll break them in with something for me!

Anyway, the big project was for The Boy's mom - I knit her a lacework scarf in a baby blue sock yarn.
And for his grandmother I put together a basket with lavender lotion and soap and knit a 100% cotton washcloth to go with it!

 It was a wonderful Christmas filled with tons of family, even more food, and plenty of mimosas, wine and laughs. The Boy and I were lucky again that we could spend it with both our families (and each other, of course!). I hope you had a wonderful holiday, too!

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