December 20, 2011

Patchie [Instagrams]

I am so behind on life right now. Thank God I did 99% of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, because I'd be in serious trouble right now. I have something every night this week plus work and somehow I need to find time to do all the other little odds and ends that need to be accomplished before Christmas. Like wrapping presents. And laundry. And eating.

The week in Baltimore was stressful, but always worth it. The Boy and I even got over to Fells Point to have lunch with a few of his friends who live up that way and I want to go back to the area when the weather is nicer and we have more time. And I have my camera. Because guess who didn't take a camera all week? This girl. Instagram to the rescue!

I promise the posts will pick back up soon. This December was exceptionally crazy, and I've learned my lesson in many ways. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more to share!

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