December 22, 2011

Etsy [Thursday]: With a Dash of WBW

The above picture is a failed attempt at at bokeh technique. The exciting thing? In two days I'll be able to accomplish what I was going for. Yay Christmas!

The couple days before Christmas always remind of me of those years on The Cape. The couple days beforehand were filled with wrapping presents with my mom and grandma and running for last minute gifts with my dad. Christmas Eve we'd all go to the Chinese Buffet for dinner and then come home before going to church just long enough for my brother and I to open one present. After church we'd either find ourselves at my cousins house or they'd all come over the grandma and grandpas, and my cousins and I would sit around the tree absolutely bubbling over with excitement.

Things are a lot different now. The only thing that seems to remain in tact is eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve. It's okay though - I'm enjoying creating and developing new traditions as an adult and with The Boy. Wherever you are this Christmas, I hope you enjoy yourself.


Cozy Christmas Poster

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