December 8, 2011

Etsy [Thursday]: Let it Snow!

I know I am going to regret saying this in a month or two (or less, who knows), but: Maryland. It is December. It has been sixty degrees almost all month! It's hard to get into the "Christmas Spirit" when I'm able to walk into work in a dress and not need a coat or much of anything else. Although, I will admit...I went Christmas shopping Tuesday because I'm always in charge of mom's gifts, and I was able to walk around the mall and not have to worry about carrying a winter coat around with me. And that was pretty nice.

Anyway, snow. For the last two years it has snowed during the week I go back and forth from Baltimore for the Charity Show I do, so may may regret saying this as early as Tuesday. But I'd still like the possibility of a white Christmas, and if it's still sixty, that may be a little hard. Plus I've knit so much I'd really like to use it.

But I also know me and by mid-January I'm going to be all "I just wish it would be warm again." So don't take me too seriously, okay?

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