November 16, 2011

Patchie [Revels]: Final Day!


Okay, so. This only took me forever. My bad. I'm cheating this as a Way Back When[sday] post because it was almost a month ago and holy shit, time flies. Where did this year go? I still feel like I just got back from The Cape. Now you're telling me faire is beyond over and Thanksgiving is next week? Next you're going to tell me I'm pretty much out of time to Christmas shop because the Christmas Show is about to kick it into high gear and I've got a wedding to be the Maid of Honor for that got moved up to the weekend after New Years.


Anyway. Not the point of the post. The point of the post is that the last day of RennFest this year left me speechless. Sure, Chrissy was the one who was really getting the attention because her costume was handmade and awesome. But the pair of us the entire day literally couldn't take three steps without being stopped for 15 minutes worth of pictures. We had performers and patrons alike literally searching for us and bouncing out of their skin when they'd finally find us. I have never experienced anything like that before in my life. And when the big group of multiple incarnations of The Doctor showed up? We were messing around and all of a sudden I looked up and there was just a wall of cameras going nuts.

Seriously one of the coolest days of my life, ever. Certainly my favorite day at any faire ever. What a perfect way to end a season.

(Before you start, if you're not a Whovian take a quick peak at The Eleventh Doctor and a Dalek. It'll make it all make more sense, I promise.)










Chrissy has officially talked me into Dragon*Con for next year, and Randy, the guy dressed as Thor up there and his girlfriend are also going. We can't wait. I think Geekdoms are taking over my life a little...


Ashley Slater said...

although I have no experience with these types of festivals and I have NOT A CLUE what a whovian is, you sure do look cute! and looks like you are having a blast! love that!!!!!!!


Patchie said...

Oh it was a TOTAL blast! :-)

Yseult said...

Haha! Welcome to the heady rush that is having a super-popular costume at a convention! Your experience at Faire this year is what every cosplayer at Otakon wants!