November 11, 2011

Patchie [Pins]: Planning a Shower!

This week in the downtime I've had (which has been nonexistent, but that's another story) I've been brain storming the Bridal Shower that the other bridesmaids and myself are throwing for Marizabeth. in...less than a month. This winter is so busy. Marizabeth wants a tea party themed shower, so I've been hitting up Pinterest and other places on the web for inspiration.

Okay, confession: I have never been to a bridal shower. Or a baby shower. I am a stage manager by nature, so I will mange the crap out of this thing, and thankfully one of the bridemaids has been to "dozens" of them and kind of knows how they run. So hopefully between the two of us something awesome will happen.




Ladies, if you have any tips for bridal showers or tea parties, I would love to hear them!


Ashley Slater said...

tip: do lots of finger foods. seriously, so much better than trying to feed everyone large size portions, trust me!!!!!

you will do great!


Dawn said...

I've never been to a bridal shower, either. I have a new sister-in-law, but I actually didn't go to her shower, either (I was 600 miles away at the time). However, whatever you have planning with these teacups looks phenomenal. They all look so pretty and delicate.

Yseult said...

I had a Grease shower for my sister (who isn't into the whole "lots of things shaped like man-parts" aspect of many modern showers). We went to the local diner for dinner, wore the Pink Ladies hoodies that DH's cousin made us, and then went home to watch Grease and drink. We had dessert wine and Twinkies, and some other snacky foods.

I have an account at Baltimore Coffee and Tea, if you want us to order you some stuff. But, upon reflection, you probably do, too!

Squeebie said...

I like the feel of the tea parties Heather & Will Hardy throw sometimes.
While I've never been able to attend one, they have posted some pics, and I like the Alice-y atmosphere, rather than the Wellesley girls etiquette class (50's fun).

I'm game for whatever and might even play whatever stupid games we have to force people to play ;p