November 21, 2011

Patchie [Instagrams!]

The last week or so has consisted of a lot of cleaning for company that is set to arrive for Thanksgiving on Thursday and a lot of knitting to try and get it done for Christmas. The temperature has been bouncing back and forth between frost and tshirt weather, and my brain is in stage manger overload. Sounds like my typical fall!

I was fortunate enough to have some fantastic weather yesterday (except a few too many clouds) for a senior picture shoot. I'm excited to get home and start sorting through the pictures. The Boy and I were also able to spend some time outside with Marizabeth and her Bear that evening which was a nice way to wrap up the weekend. I'm looking forward to a short work week and the arrival of family. Do you have any big Thanksgiving fans? The Boy and I spend the day bouncing back and forth between families. It's a fun-filled (food-filled!) day!

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