November 22, 2011

Patchie [Crawls]

Wine Crawl4

So I don't know if you've picked up on this, but The Boy and I have really gotten in to doing wine tastings in the last year. And since our trip with friends to Pennsylvania where we hit a few in one day we started getting plans together to be even more ambitious. There is a semi-local Wine Trail (The Patuxent Wine Trail) that consists of seven vineyards and wineries spread over two counties. Five of them are in the same county, and we got a group together and made it our goal to hit as many of them in one day as possible. We piled into an SUV (with a designated driver!) and managed to knock out four of the five in one day!

Wine Crawl2

Wine Crawl

Wine Crawl3

Wine Crawl10

Wine Crawl1

Wine Crawl5

Wine Crawl6

Wine Crawl8

Wine Crawl9

As the day went on I took less and less pictures and really just enjoyed being there and in the moment. There were some stops I liked more than others (and one I really didn't like at all), and overall it was a fantastic day with friends! We've now started our own wine tasting nights once a month and are taking turns hosting it. It's funny to think that before I met The Boy I didn't drink wine at all because I thought I didn't like it. How things change!

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