October 18, 2011

Patchie [Revels]: Weekend 5

Sorry I'm behind on pictures, guys. The current state of the laptop is The Boy managed to not only get it semi-working again, but managed to back up all my pictures one afternoon, so when I new fancy hard drive comes in sometime this week I won't have lost anything. He's so awesome. Hopefully soon I'll be able to have them hosted by flickr again and the pictures will stop being grainy from being hosted by blogger.

The first weekend I did the show in Baltimore (which will have a post...eventually) that Sunday we were able to attend RennFest, and it was a chilly fall day which I love at faire - the atmosphere is just so awesome with everyone in cloaks and layers, holding their mugs close to catch some of the warmth coming off their teas and coffees and ciders. Plus I get to wear my big fancy coat and I am all for that, especially since it gets a lot of attention!

I have more pictures from this day that may make it up at a later date, but these are some of the better ones.

We had to skip Weekend 6 because of the Baltimore show, but last weekend was another full one. I started editing those pictures last night, and I hope to have them for you later in the week! We only have one weekend left which is always sad, but this is a special weekend where one of my best friends from college is coming to visit me from Tennessee...but more on that tomorrow!

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