October 7, 2011

Patchie [Revels]: Weekend 4 [Part 2]

So. I had this big cool post planned for these pictures because this was the day that I wandered around with a fellow photographer and I wanted to do this whole side-by-side comparison thing so you could see the same subject in two different styles. Cool, right? Maybe just cool to me. But then the laptop decided to explode in my face and I can't get anything picture-wise done at home and am forced to pull pictures off facebook to share (I have a facebook photography page, have I shared that before?). But I didn't want to leave you guys pictureless for who knows how long until the stupid thing gets fixed (or I give up and buy a mac, iRIP Steve Jobs), because pictures from last weekend are currently stuck on the camera and I'm just bursting to get them edited because I think I got a couple of really good ones this last week.

...I'm rambling.

Wandering around with Ken was fantastic because I'm still too shy to approach strangers and ask them to pose where he just barrels through and does it. It let me practice my portraiture a little more while also watching someone who does only portraiture work at the same time. I feel like I learned a lot through observing and it gave me the confidence so ask a couple people on my own to pose, and the results were some of my favorites. Plus I met some pretty fantastic people.

You can see Part 1 of the weekend here.

This weekend I'm only going to be able to stop by faire for a couple hours - I'm stage managing a show in Baltimore that has two matinees, which makes it hard to spend a whole day elsewhere. But I'm also crashing in Baltimore for the weekend, so it's like a mini workcation. A slight change of scenery is going to be nice.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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