October 31, 2011

Patchie [Instagrams]

I spent most of the weekend exactly as you see in the photo above - editing away (sometimes with or without the yorkie keeping my side warm). Saturday it rained like crazy and we even saw a little bit of sloppy wet snow! But Sunday was gorgeous and I enjoyed my little perch on the couch at The Boy's house where I could see out the window while I caught up on all sorts of photo editing.

Long story short, after staring at pictures all day and widdling down 300+ production photos to roughly 50, I was in no mood to create blog collages. So instead you're going to get some instagram shots from the last two weeks!

I hope you had fun this weekend! The amount I was able to relax this weekend between Halloween gatherings was long overdue and I very much enjoyed it. You'll get some real pictures this week, I promise!