October 3, 2011

Patchie [Apologizes]

So I had this big cool post planned for you guys and all I had to do was get the photos together, because last weekend a fellow photographer and I wandered RennFest together and I got some great photographs. But I've noticed my laptop has been acting up lately and the last time I got the dreaded Blue Screen. I'm paranoid because currently I don't have anything backed up and if I lose 6+ years of photos I will be absolutely devastated. So I ordered an external harddrive, but it wont be here until Wednesday probably and I'm not risking turning the laptop on before that.

Long story short...sorry for the lack of post Friday and the lack of pictures today. Maybe you'll get an extra Etsy post this week?

Anyway, I spent most the weekend in Baltimore stage managing the guys I usually work for at RennFest. They're doing a show for two weekends in the same location they always have their big Christmas show since they're not at faire this year. It was great seeing everyone again after almost a full year.We only had two shows this past weekend, but next weekend we have 4. I'm working with the same tech team that we have on the Christmas show too, so it's like a little warm up session before that monster hits us in December. Also, Saturday I accidentally dressed like Amy Pond.
Sunday I woke up and it was in the 40's. I was so excited to head up to RennFest - I absolutely love it when it's cold up there and not just because I bought a super fancy coat last year that I love to flaunt. I just love the atmosphere when it's cold. One of my favorite moments yesterday was sitting on one of the benches under a tree with a hot tea, a baked potato, and my camera and just people watched until Alex got there. I'll have pictures from the day hopefully later in the week.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend? Does it feel like fall yet where you live? While it's cold again today it's going to be back in the 70's by the end of the week here!

Edit: I've got my very first ad ever up over at Julie Ann Art - go check her (and it) out!

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