October 13, 2011

Etsy [Thursday]: Rocky Horror!

The Boy is in a local production of The Rocky Horror Show as Riff Raff, and this weekend I'm kidnapping two of the girls from RennFest so they can come down and see it. Have you ever seen the stage show live? It's an experience - even seeing the movie in a crowded movie theatre is something you should try to do at least once in your life. Just go in with an open mind - talk about culture shock! My parents showed it to me for the first time when I was pretty young, and in my teens I wasn't very into Halloween so it became our tradition to watch the movie while handing out candy when we lived in our old neighborhood. It always reminds me of Halloween!

Have you ever been to a showing/performace of Rocky Horror?


Suze said...

Oh I LOVE Rocky Horror! Iv'e seen it both live and at the theater- sooooo fun! Love your Etsy posts, especially the lips necklace. Have a great time this weekend!

Kim said...

Some years ago now, I went to see it on many, many weekends at a movie theatre in VA with a group of friends. We wore costumes and did the Time Warp in the aisles. It was a total blast!!

I was really bummed when the theatre stopped showing it.

Marizabeth said...

I think we always go to The Farm to see RHPS! ALWAYS. Hopefully we'll make it out soon to this showing. Life is so busy sometimes!