September 9, 2011

Patchie [Sops]

While Texas is dealing with a drought and wildfires we in Maryland have had over a foot of rain in under 4 days. The flooding is unreal, more trees are down that had already been weakened by Hurricane Irene, and there are multiple instances of washing out roads, collapsed bridges, flooded streets, and mudslides. And the rain continues to fall.
Pictures stolen from facebook and around the web - original sources unknown but they are all local pictures.

We are faring okay so far - we managed to be untouched for the hurricane besides a few hours without power. We still have power this time around (but it keeps dipping). Our house sits on top of a hill, and our fully-finished basement is still flooding - the foundation is just too wet. So far we've been able to stay pretty much on top of it with a shop vac and a constant rotation of towels, but a new carpet might be in our future as well as a new piece of furniture or two. Like I said, we're faring okay and I know we are lucky - some people are under water, without running water, trapping at their homes with no roadways out or trapped from getting to their homes for the same reason - a family friend stayed with us last night for that very reason.

And on top of everything, I think I'm developing a sinus infection. Ugh.

The rain is supposed to stop today at some point, although they're threatening it through Sunday for us. Then maybe we can start to dry out. This isn't an area that is used to weather like this and we're not equipped for it, but we're doing our best. I hope anyone who is reading this and is on the east coast is doing okay - I know Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York and doing pretty poorly, too.

I hope you have a safe and dry weekend (unless you're in Texas, then I hope you get a tropical storm. Y'all need it something fierce). Weather (And roads) permitting, tonight I'm seeing a friends stand-up show in Virginia and I'm working at faire this weekend in one of my favorite booths!

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theolivetree said...

The weather is crazy!?! Sorry for your flooding! I am glad you are able to keep mostly on top of it!!