September 7, 2011

Patchie [Revels]: MDRF Day 2!

Just swinging in to share photos from Sunday at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I wound up knowing a large group of people who were going that day including The Boy, most of the group from PARF, and my college buddy Kristen and some of her friends! Saturday had been a strange day for me - it was the first time being at faire without a "purpose," and it felt weird. I didn't know what to do with myself. Sunday reminded me why I was looking forward to this season off. Last year when friends would come up to faire I'd have 30 or 40 minute breaks between shows, and I'd try ti spend those little bits and pieces with them but I was constantly running off. This year I could aimlessly wander with them and really felt like I was "part" of the group. Saturday was a little discouraging (I'm pretty sure the migraine didn't help), but Sunday made me feel better about the whole thing. Plus I'm filling in at one of my favorite booths this Saturday, which I'm pretty excited about!

Anyway, the weather, the company, and the day was absolutely fantastic. And people gave me a lot of Hard Core Cider and then took me into a hat shop, which seems to be the only way I buy hats. But I think it was planned against me, because I had just taken one of the girls into Moresca and she bought a corset. Financial payback is expensive, but the result was pretty awesome.

Faire always reminds me and gets me excited for fall, even when the first few weekends are pretty hot. I can't wait for temperatures to be a little cooler!


Marizabeth said...

That was fun! Let's do it again! xo

Marizabeth said...

Also, I was just looking through this again... and I have the wrinkliest face ever. Hands down. I flatter myself to blame it on the years of theatre acting that forced me to make overanimated facial expressions, but really, I just have overactive facial muscles.

Yseult said...

Who is selling hats at MDRF? I really, really almost bought a BEAUTIFUL hat at Otakon this year from a new seller called Blonde Swan, but it was $195, and I wasn't sure I could justify that much wear. Seriously, I almost bought it anyway.

Patchie said...

Tall Toad is the absolute best place for hats at faire!