September 21, 2011

Patchie [Instagrams]

I was going to skip having an instagram post this week until I realized the stupid number of pictures I took in the past 7 days. They include hanging out with Wendy and Zorro at home, the animal shelter where Nametwin and I went to walk dogs after work one day, the gypsy party, RennFest with The Boy, and knitting. And that picture above? It's a martini that a friend made me when I told him to surprise me at a Martini & Monty Python party he threw on Friday. It was tasty.

I'll have a few knitting posts in the upcoming weeks for you, I hope. And RennFest pictures are coming too, but I didn't take too many this weekend. And a fun pirate Etsy post tomorrow.

Sick of hearing about so much faire stuff yet? Don't worry, it's half over. Then I'll be in theatre world until March. Life got busy fast!

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