September 13, 2011

Patchie [Instagrams]

I really did plan on having an update with pictures off the DSLR for today, but I took so many this past weekend that it took me forever to do the initial weeding out, and then I had to edit them, and I haven't resized them or anything yet. Plus I kind of want to figure out how to host them on flickr because I'm tired of blogger making them look grainy when they very much aren't. I'm hoping to accomplish all those things tonight once I am done with this pesky thing called work. Until then here are some instagram pictures, and I'm sorry that they are nothing but faire - nothing exciting really happened otherwise. I also promise that I'll post more non-faire things soon, it seems like my daily views are down and I get less comments when you're getting inundated with all things Renn. So look for something different soon! But not too soon.

I spent Saturday at faire working at the Grichel booth which was a nice change of pace. I really enjoyed being in one of the shops and being able to people watch when we weren't busy. I also enjoyed being able to talk to the patrons again like I used to when I worked for the boys the last two years. People are so interesting.

I've been battling a chest cold for the last week and a half and last night I finally had that night where I crashed before ten and slept through to my alarm and I feel loads better. And after a solid week of nothing but rain it looks like early fall is finally starting to peek through - this weekend is supposed to be so pretty!

Did anyone do anything exciting or interesting this past weekend?