August 24, 2011

Patchie [Shakes]

Today was going to be all about the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival, but with our little "shake up" yesterday, I thought I'd share that first.

I went home from work yesterday early partially because I was rocking a pretty hefty head cold and partially because I had an unrelated doctor's appointment. The Boy had a break mid-day, so he came over to keep me company. Just before 2pm it sounded like a water boiler kicked on, except...we don't have one. But the whole house was shaking and the sound was building. I was convinced the house was blowing up, and we booked it outside. On our way out I heard a few things fall and saw the picture frames moving on the walls. When we got outside all the cars were rocking back and forth on my street, and our neighbors had rushed out of their home as well. "An earthquake...?" The Boy trailed off. Neither one of us had ever exactly been in one, and our area doesn't exactly get anything of that sort. We're on the east coast!

Turns out just south of Fredericksburg, Virginia and less than 40 miles from my house they had a 5.9 earthquake. It was felt from North Carolina all the way up to Canada. Some people freaked out, but it was more bizarre than anything. A few hours later I received calls from two of my best friends from college who had spent time in California. Their advice was "now go to the grocery store and buy canned goods, they'll all be cheap from getting knocked off shelves!"

There doesn't seem to be much damage, but they shut everything down to check various structures. Most seem to be fine so far, but there's apparently a crack in the top portion of the Washington Monument, so that's closed with no intention of opening anytime soon.

So long story short we're all fine and that's another natural disaster I can check off my life list. And we are probably getting a hurricane this weekend. Weee!

So, Penn Renn. I just want to go on record and say everything about this past weekend was a blast - the weather was nice (but a little warm), the company was awesome, and everything just seemed to run super smooth. A large chunk of that was who we went with - it was a big group that was all laid back and ready to have a good time and enjoy our mini-vacation. Day 1 (of 2) was the Festival. Last year when we went it was raining and it was a whole different kind of "fun" - it wasn't crowded and we were able to just explore the grounds and kind of had the place to ourselves. This year the weather was much nicer, and it let us experience their faire "atmosphere" more.

So without further adieu, here's a whole ton of pictures!


Marizabeth said...

Yay! Last weekend was fun! However, the earthquake was not.

Patchie said...

Like I said, the earthquake was more bizarre than anything. Tuesday was a strange day. Haha!

Squeebie said...

The Cathedral broke too.