August 10, 2011

Patchie [Recaps]: Cape Cod - Provincetown & Sunset

Last time The Boy and I went to PTown it was Carnival. It was The Boy's first trip to Cape Cod and I wanted to show him some PTown local color. Neither one of us had any clue just how big it was going to be, and we still talk about that day. This year it was Family Weekend - much more low key. The Boy got to see PTown how I'm used to seeing it where you can actually move on the street and wander around in shops and sit down at bars instead of being packed everywhere like sardines. And you still saw plenty of local color.
For the record, I love that picture. I feel like it really captures PTown, from the gay couple on the right to the girls just out to shop and enjoy themselves on the left and the drag queen out in all her glory parting them right down the middle. Plus she was coming at me super fast and I wasn't sure if I had caught this at all, so I was pleasantly surprised when editing pictures later that night.

It was really a gorgeous day - it was really warm but because you're so far out on The Cape the cool ocean breeze never stops. (Reminder, you can click pictures to make them bigger!)
We wandered and shopped a bit and a gay man talked me into a fabulous sun hat which I rocked the remainder of the day (not the red one from above, but that one was tempting too). We made our way to a waterfront bar that we had wanted to hit last year but it was too crowded. But before that we saw one of those things that Ursula turned the mermaids in to in The Little Mermaid.
We managed to snag prime seats at the bar after starting at a table and settled in for two very strong drinks and a lovely hour or so, and then wandered down to the beach for a short walk.
We left PTown a lot earlier than we had anticipated, so we swung into Wellfleet to catch the sunset before finally making it back home.

It was certainly a full day! (You can catch Part I of the day here!)

As you can tell, no Way Back When[sday] this week, but I promise there will be a Etsy post tomorrow that's totally unrelated to anything I've talked about this week.


Kim said...

Just want to say your photos are amazing!

Sara Bell said...

I love these! I'm so excited to travel to Cape Cod and the whole "back east" area... I've stayed so southwest my whole life!

Patchie said...

Kim - thank you!

Sara - have a blast - I absolutely adore New England!

Kristen said...

You have slowly been making me lust after the cape with your pictures the last few years....Someday I will have to go! It looks like you had an amazing time!

Mila said...

I have never been to New England, so thank you for allowing me to be an armchair traveler. These pics conveyed my perfect summer.