August 10, 2011

Patchie [Recaps]: Cape Cod - Pizza & Truro

Saturday was our busiest day on The Cape - we knew we wanted to hit the flea market (which is best on Saturdays) and Provincetown (which has the most going on on Saturdays), and figured why not hit a few things along the way - work our way up the coast. Plus we had talked about hitting Truro Vineyard which neither one of us had ever been to (and I only really noticed and had it register what it was about two years ago. How sad is that?). So we had a good breakfast with grandma, slathered on the sunscreen and started our mini trip!

The flea market was mildly disappointing, but it's always hit or miss and sadly this year was just a miss. The camera stayed in the car and we didn't last very long because it was in the middle of a large parking lot and was pretty darn hot. Both of us did manage to find a couple things however!

We started our trek up to Truro from Wellfleet, but realized we hadn't timed things very well - the vineyard only gave 2 tours a day and at that pace would arrive about five minutes after the first one started. The only logical explanation was to stop for lunch at one of my favorite places that we used to hit yearly, but I had missed in the last year or so - Rookies!

The big appeal of Rookies is their lobster pizza - and that probably sounds gross and a lot of people make a face when I talk about it. But I promise, it's pretty darn delicious. And the business hasn't changed at all since I was five years old sitting next to my grandfather and watching the different waitress lights light up and trying to guess which was ours. This is also where grandpa taught me how to shoot a wrapper off the end of a straw.
But really, look at that pizza. Doesn't it look amazing? It is. I promise. And if you're ever in Wellfleet, you should stop in. (Reminder: you can click on any picture to make it bigger!)

 Afterwards we jumped back in the car and shot up the road. Once we hit Truro we realized that we were going to still be pretty early for the next vineyard tour, so we took a detour to Highland light, which I blogged about a couple years ago too!

It's also on a golf course, and if I ever learn how to play I want to play there one day.

So now comes the part where The Boy and I totally pull an Us. We get to the vineyard, which is super cute. We're still early for the tour. They schedule out their tastings, and one was about to start. We asked if we had time before the tour and they said "totally!"
Except...we didn't. The tasting before us ran a little behind which put ours behind and we could see the tour wandering off when we still had a few more wines to go. The woman who was running the tasting (does she have an official title? I'm still new at this) said we could go if we wanted, but after planning the whole day around it The Boy and I said screw it; the wine was tasty, we had toured a vineyard before, and opted to wander through the vines on our own when the tasting was done. It was more fun that way!

We liked of the wines but knew we couldn't blow the rest of our vacation budget on libations, so we opted for two bottles. We're saving them for this week while we're house sitting! After taking our own little tour we jumped back in the car and drove a little bit further to Provincetown. That post to come sometime later today - I didn't want to completely blow you up with pictures all at once!

(You can find the other two vineyards The Boy and I have been to here and here!)


Carly said...

What stunning scenery - it all looks so picturesque!

theolivetree said...

I need to go to cape cod and I need that pizza!!!

Patchie said...

Carly - it is very picturesque - moreso than any other place I've ever been!

theolivetree - I think I'm going to try to make on this year, but I'm going into it knowing full well it'll never taste as good as the original!

Marizabeth said...

Um... are the bottles lighthouses? Because I need a lighthouse shaped bottle in my life. haha Vineyards are fun, but you're right about the tours... they are pretty similar. The wine is really the best part! :)

Patchie said...

Marizabeth: They are and I wanted one really badly, but the wines were just too sweet for The Boy and my taste. Next year maybe!