August 15, 2011

Patchie [Recaps]: Cape Cod - Outer Beach!

When people talk about going to the beach, I have a very different perception of it than most people in my area. When they talk about going to the beach, they are picturing Ocean City or Virginia Beach, lined up on a strip of beach that's below a board walk, towel-to-towel with all the other beachgoers.

In my world, we drive out and park on the beach as early as e can bring ourselves to get there. We set up our chairs and blankets and umbrellas right in front of our SUV, grill breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the back of a truck bed, and even on a crowded day the closet people are at least the length of a car down the beach.

This year, I got to show The boy why I'm so beach spoiled. I don't think he'll ever ask again.

My cousin's boyfriend continued the tradition of cooking breakfast on the beach, and anyone who has ever done this knows everything tastes better sitting in front of the ocean, burying your toes in the sand.
The day was wonderful, even though The Boy and I both wound up sunburned. We got to meet a lot of my cousin's friends as well, including her best friend's little boy who was one of the mellowest kids I've ever met.
One of the coolest things about the day was literally all day long a pair of humpback whales - a momma and a baby - were breaching within eyeshot. The lens I had wasn't the best for the situation, but I still managed to grab some great shots!
We were out there for over ten hours, and it makes not being able to get to a beach all year long worth it. There were drinks and lots of laughing and food and sun and I took a nap at one point, and taking a nap on the beach is one of my most absolute favorite things to do in the world. Ever taken one? It's seriously the best. Try it.

Afterwards we snuck to the bay for sunset before heading to a local pub for dinner before calling it an early night - the sun wears you out!
Even looking at pictures makes me smile - one of these years, days like this won't be so few and far between.

I've got a few more posts worth of Cape pictures in store for you guys and a few other things to catch up on this week. Stay tuned!

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