August 9, 2011

Patchie [Recaps]: Cape Cod - Day 1

We knew before we went to bed that our first full day on Cape Cod was going to be cloudy and not exactly beach weather. We decided to really treat ourselves to sleeping in and taking our time in the morning since we had gotten up so early the day before. When we finally did get up, we took my grandmother to a local bagel shop where my cousin was having her art showcased (I didn't take any pictures, because I'm a bad person. Actually, it was just way too crowded in there). From there grandma treated us to lunch - clam chowder and lobster rolls!
We ran a few errands around town - the fish market and a few of our favorite local shops - as well as making a pit stop at the windmill that's right up the street from my grandmother's house for a craft fair and so The Boy could see the inside of the windmill.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening around the house, I took some pictures and The Boy played guitar.

That night we met some of my family at a local bar to unwind and catch up. Because we've been dealing with the Maryland stifling heat and humidity the fact that we could spend any time at all outside and enjoy it - even in a sweatshirt! - was so wonderful. Who cared if it was a little cloudy? Besides, we knew the next day was going to be busy! You'll have to check in tomorrow to see the shots from our busiest day of vacation!


Ashley said...

Um first of all, let's get to the food... that lobster roll looks amazing! I still want to visit the northeast for good lobster and seafood. Never been yet.

I love your photos of those colorful fishing buoys. There are so many colors!

Jo said...

Ohh, I've never seen a real windmill before! I am oh-so envious!

Lost in the Haze

Patchie said...

Ashley - the lobster rolls ARE amazing, and don't let anyone or any recipe fool you - lobster rolls include nothing but lobster meat, mayo, and a bed of lettuce. No filler!

Jo - it's a really cool thing to see, I hope you get to go to one!