August 8, 2011

Patchie [Recaps]: Cape Cod - Arrival

Are you all ready for this? Because I took a ridiculous amount of pictures while on The Cape and I want to share them all with you, even though that's almost impossible. I've narrowed it down as much as I can, but it's still going to be a huge amount. I hope your internet connection is ready for this. As with all the pictures I post, click to embiggen and see them better!


We woke up stupid early on Thursday after spending the previous evening with my aunt and uncle in Philly. How early? The sun wasn't even quite up yet. The sunrise it produced was worth the early wake up call though! You know what else was worth it? We hit The Cape around one in the afternoon, giving us almost another full day up there. We spent the majority of it with my grandmother, catching up and talking and helping her with dinner. We unpacked and downed a couple beers and had a few of my cousins drop in to say hi on their various routes to various jobs. After dinner The Boy and I high-tailed it over to the ocean. the weather was entirely too good to not get a visit in on our first evening!

And after going up there and visiting that exact beach for 25 years I'm still having new things happen. We saw a humpback whale off the coast!
See the tail on the right side?! Other people saw it before we did and when I asked where they saw it a rude New Yorker was all "you wouldn't be able to find it, you don't know what you're looking for." And then I immediately caught its tail. Suck it, nerd! Of course, then she started talking about the "sea lions" in Chatham they saw. They're seals, you jerk.

Because it was getting close to sunset we decided to hop over to the bay side - my grandma lives three miles from the ocean and two miles from the bay, which makes it super convenient to hit both. There's very few places in the United States where you can do that!

It was the perfect warm up to what was going to to end up being one of my favorite vacations I've taken up there - we accomplished so much and still had plenty of time for rest & relaxation. How much more can you ask for?

Guys, I'm totally serious about the sheer number of pictures you're going to get hit with in the upcoming week or so - between this trip, the wedding I shot Saturday and the golf tournament I'm shooting today there's going to be a ton of them. Plus I had a finished knitting project to share with you and a cute little giveaway I think you'll like. Stay tuned!


theolivetree said...

Those are a great the dogs ones and the one of you jumping. P.s I like your nails :)

Donny A said...

Your photography is amazing Rachel. I'm so happy to see all the great things that are happening for you.

Erika Lee Sears said...

gorgeous photos. haha it's funny how that rude that person was. last time i was in in nyc and i was jfk- and these older ladies dressed in suits were being really rude to the waiter and they were being very loud and rude. and i kept thinking that waiter is going to spit or doing something horrible to your food. :) what goes around comes around.

Marizabeth said...

Dude, your photography gets better by the day! I absolutely love it all! I may ask to buy a couple prints off you! I'm so glad you got some R&R with The Boy, you two deserve it! Also, thanks again for second shooting with me... having a MOH who is also your businesses second shooter and your best friend is pretty much the best in life! xo

PS- hang onto that lens for as long as you need to until you get your own. :)

Patchie said...

theolivetree: Thank you! I'm gonna do a post about those nails at some point - I may be a Sally Hansen addict now!

Erika: Thank you so much! The rude thing isn't strictly NY and I'm in no way calling out the state, but you can't deny the accent. :-P

Marizabeth: You. Are. AWESOME.

Ashley said...

Your photos make me want to visit Cape Cod some day! It looks so beautiful there. Plus you saw a whale?! That's amazing... I would love to see a whale like that some day. Isn't it amazing when life surprises you like that? (:

Mila said...

I love the one of you leaping and digging your toes in the sand. My ideal beach day.

Your photos are amazing.